Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just started The Game

Finally, after a long 2 months period standing in my bookshelve arrongantly, "The Game", has jumped and droped into my hands. Written by Neil Strauss, its one bestseller in EEUU that talks about everything related with I'm actually writing here and it's title sais: The Game.

Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists is the subtitle of the book, and principally is the frame that it talks about, how did he go into in that society from the beggining to the end as he is nowadays, reknowned "Style". It's more than a didactic PU-learning book, an Inner game improver as it actually demonstrates you can improve yorself if you make the methods correctly (But for begginers it may sound wonders because most of the concepts are clearly explained step by step).

His technique is mainly focused in the Mystery Method, with some tints of Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction way of PU. But when you have read all those bibliography I put in the link section, this is novel is not good enough to show anything new (But is so clear and simple everything in there that if you struggle it to the maximum you can find some pieces that are quite difficult to be found outside).

One of the things that most shocked me, in the beginning (I have not read it all just in one day, I may be finishing for next week probably), is this sentence in 'The Approach' chapter:

"Never", Sin admonished me in his adenoial voice "approach a woman from behind. Always come in form the front, but at a slight angle so it's not too direct and comfontational. You should speak to hear over your shoulder, so it looks like you might walk away at any minute. Ever see Robert Redford in "The Horse Whisperer"? It's kind of like that

I will continue the lecture, now that I'm extremely focusing in the Art of Approach as I experience before, because it makes me incredibly hard reaching the Seduction Zone or even sometimes the Comfort (Following the M3 as reference).

Just Remember FMAC

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Advancing in Materia

Up to date, I'm fully trying to rush at least my base objetives for maximum 2 weeks starting from today (Not later than 7th of February as max date).

About the Inner Game: I have more or less viewed how it may continue along. Found a psicologist that also can make psicolanalyst therapy and surely I will advance incredibly quick instead on staying on my internal thoughts.

The Physical: also planned to go through as I said in a Boxing trainment program exclusive Cardiovascular, so mainly I will be performing by body and maybe as we can see in Gunwitch readings, we can overdose our testosterone levels to improve our sexual desire (that will be provoke an improvement of our Body Language as well). It will start from 6th of February.

I'm also planing to buy a new Audio Card and a Midi keyboard Controller just to spend a little bit more time a week with something to do with my Social Proof performance. Just before the day stablished I will be buying them so in that week I can re-start with all about it.

I expect everything comes the right way and I can find myself more confindent with such an ideal daily schedule to advance in The Game.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Working a little bit harder and further

Since I'm not achieving any goals I should be aiming for a more deepest view of everything and trying to find a persistance plan to force myself to go and just play. I'm not as motivated as I would like to be, and I cannot yet percieve the emotion of playing hardly and competing for this ultimate goal: ONS-PUA. This sounds quite idealistic, but apart from whatever it can be said, for loads of players is not big effort this achivement, despite for me can be a massive world apart from my reality.

Now I'm focusing in situating myself in a location of space and a instant of time where everything goes at least in order:

How can I push my body, or my mind to do something that is practically reduced to a 1-day every week situation?, where I may be get blocked one HB yes and one not. I need time, time that I have. And also I need a space, a location, somewhere to sarge. I got a blindfold in my eyes because I used to reduce my range of PU standing to disco scenario, although I actually am one of the "luckiest" people in the world having one of the BEST scenarios for PU: The University.

For next season (March and about), this will be for me a 5 day/week constant 1 hour of practice in PU until I had even talked with every single HB that I may found in this year in those sites (and if I end with all I will restart from the beginning if necesary)

But apart from those two, what happens on holidays? Recommended by everyone places are Shopping Centers, but the annyoing thing is that I dont like them much, so maybe I will find an amusement to do there while I sarge only to force my body to go. Going JUST for sarge is not motivating for myself sadly, I don't even have wings to have fun while, so it's quite frustrating trying this situation.

Finally I want to advance that for next days I'm going to structure a day-by-day logging for my blog so I can anticipate in some kind of order, what you can expect that I will be describing and emphasizing daily.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Part 1: Night-time Failure

After it, and after all my experiences I though It was going to be a pancake accomplishing this mission. But I did not realize who many inconveniences I should encounter in my way through the night (obviously all this were internal EXCUSES, so for me and for you, they are irrelevant). The worst thing is that in the exact moment I went down of my car, I felt all my High-Energy state, fall down as a river does in a waterfall.

I was in that moment feeling like an incredible AFC than could not even manage standing myself correctly (All because a sort of "inconveniences" as i said before...), the worst BL I've ever had probably...

Anyway I won't retreat in doing Day1 of TC Bootcamp successfully in another moment, maybe or probably tomorrow, and continue working correctly my way to the TOP. Let's try it easily, instead of night-time, in a day-time. After all I'm not going to be as Frustrated as the average, for such a bunch of unpredictable feelings.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Way from AFC 2 PUA: Part Zero

Finally I have decided to reset my ideas, specially with PU related topics, and start from the beginning. As I said in the last entries I'm actually focusing in a new point of view, given by ThunderCat with his book: The Art of Approaching.

As I mentioned before, there were several methods made by various reknown PUA such as Mystery, Tyler Durden, even BadBoy and Shark with their Direct Game, but none of them, gave to myself, the things clearer than ThunderCat did (and this doesnt means that for other people, TC can do the same effect, because I expect, that each method adapts to us differently depending exclusively to our personalitiy).

Starting from some basics that I have already explained, the main idea for me actually to go through the new obstacles that I may encounter in this PU-world, is constructing in my mind a new base with solid ideas about what to do in each phase of my own "workshop".

As the title of TC says: The Art of Approaching, I think is the first part I should masterize on: Approaching excepcionally good and be friendly with all kind of situations that it can appear during this process. The first thing through the read and comprenhension of the book that sound familiar to my self was this:

Why I felt any kind of difficulty in the approach of an HB and in all kind of situations? My answer before was: Fear of rejection or Fear of finding an embarrasing situation that I could not handle. But actually deep in my mind that was not truth:

The first reality was that I didn't want to change that feeling of comfort I was feeling with my friends talking on how much we could be doing and not doing it, and other topics (The typical AFC situation forever). I could just imagine in myself, how much thinking I had to do, to progress in any conversation and what kind of incredible effort must be done to be over other AFC that could approach that girl in a night. Why I should be doing all that when I was feeling completely happy with my friends? After, because the feeling after of Frustration for not approaching that girl I wanted, could be a big kick in my mind. BUT NOW what reminds me?: It reminds that I'm NOT PLAYING the best I could, and I will lose the game afterwards.

And after all I had to realice which was the second reality I had to manage before a completly sucessful approach before all: I was not scared of rejection: I was scared of LOSS. If we have 10 girls that we could approach in our lifetime, what we will prefer? Approaching them uncounciously and failing in all 10, so being alone forever? Or designing any kind of tactic to be a master and approaching 1, 2 or 3 and having success without any big risk? Probably the second. But the thing is that the HB-visual range of myself what reduced to that: 10 HB = One-itis. But thinking widely enough, we could clearly see that there were the same HB as men in the world aproximately 1:1 so I had to imagine which quantity of girls can be also possible targets in a future ( thousands?, or even more?). That's why I could have hundreds, even thousands of opportunities to test myself and see if im working this out correctly. Any rejection is not a LOSS is a new STEP to a victory. And while 2 man (one AFC that never approach, and one rAFC that at least tryies it), the second is increasing their range SO FAST that probably (not certainly) will find what he is looking faster. So basically here is the motto from ThunderCat: The fewer women you have in your life, the stronger the feeling of one-itis becomes.

Now with all this ideas in order is time for action: The Art of Approach, lets be an Approach Artist then. How have I found to be this? Starting with the ThunderCat bootcamp: And definetly TODAY is the day (Saturday Night)

First part: Approach 3 HB with one opener. After that just eject with respect something like "Nice to talk with you". All this in the street: outside any disco or pub.
Second part: Approach 3 HB the same way before, but this time inside the disco. Same opener and same eject.

And that's all for Part 1. Tomorrow I will write my experience. After this, I will start explaining which are my Objectives with all this PU-experience, where I will approach, which kind of Openers I will be mostly applying and also which kind of philosophy I will be applying from the start of the PU to the end.

Friday, January 20, 2006

From the beginning

I have explained in what I have evolved to the moment: a rAFC. But for me is time to take a longer step away from all this. This is how I'm going to structure my daily life to perform all the most important aspects that can be related with the art of PU (and progress of my life):

NOTE: I will look to find them all and stablish with them may fit from now, to at least, two weeks approximately.

- The Inner Game: I discovered that it can be the most important thing in the whole life of a person. Some kind of people that are really confident by themselves, can handle this pretty fast compared to other... it is obvious. But in spite of trying to improve this by myself, I find that I do not progress at all, that's why I think the quickest way of resolving this, is looking for a Psycogist and even further, a PsycoAnalyst. They are made to induce as Speed Seduction techniques, commands in your mind that can be actually the greatest method to find your way through a built-in most performanced Inner Game and self-confidence. So it's time to start looking for this in my city.

- My Physical Body and Appearance: I found myself I'm really a standard AFC-looking boy that wants to improve this aspect also, at least for being more peacock compared to other guys everywhere. I have decided to move my style to something kinda dressed up, including a complete dressing suit, ties when appropiate and all mixed with a proper badboy look regarding to the hair (some punked stylish), and impressive accesories. About the physical: It is time to start some type of Aerobic exercise. I probed with running, and as anaerobic, doing weights in the Gym. But it is extremely boring and I desist normally of doing that after the first month. Now I'm going to try something new: Boxing. I can adjust it to my daily schedule so if it is as amusing as my frinds commented me, it will be a great aerobic exercise I may enjoy and will take advantage of it for my purpose.

- My Social Proof: Normally, we are used to do some kind of activity that can makes us pimp in some enviroments specially if we are dedicated in it with some passion. I used to be inmerse in some kind of geek games, that were not enough extended through women society. Same happens with people that loves sports such as football and practically spend their whole life talking and living around them: girls really hate this type of activities, so you may not found them unless real strange exceptions (you cannot share anything of this with them is the reality). After all, one thing that actually for me it deserves doing it is playing music. Specially Electronic Music. So I'm going to focus instead of playing geek games or other themes, on producing some tracks and performing some social proof through a WebPage I will make and extend myself (And I will make sure that this will fill enough free time there will be left during the rest of the day and I have to spend at home for various reasons).

- The Future: Obviously, I'm not going to be a man that only spends his life doing hobbies or just going to sarge all the time. So I'm currently studying an Engineer career. I feel it is for the moment enough to fulfill my future qualification.

Thats all about my plans for future.I assume, it maybe the most improved things I can do by myself (No more time for more, considering that I also have to spend at least 10 hours a week in going sarge anywhere). If you feel that something is not necesary or anything of this can be better focused, feel free to comment it.

So the next stage I should go through: Structuring myself way of successfull sarging (Everyone have a personal style depending to their own way of thinking).

Day 1: What's going on with me.

After a not very long go, I have finally decided to control my progress in two pespectives, yours and mine, and the most important, keep cheking and discussing how I'm going on, comparing to the reality out there.

I started in the Pick-Up world about 3 months ago, and surely my mind has grown in terms of seeing actually what is happening outside there. But I never did an effort to know myself what is going on inside me. Sounds really Ego-istic but from this point it is fair for me, to start thinking on me instead of spending my time on what other people may be judging about my figure.

My career on this from the beggining have been focused actually in reading and comprenhension of plenty of bibliography made by various PUAs, actually PUG. All this acronyms can be found in the mASF link that can be found in the top of my blog link list:

My first step was the reading of the famous GunWitch Methods, that eventually provided myself a new view of everything around me. Specially in relation with what it is really of interest in this Blog: Men related to Women. His point of view, was really impressive for me at the first read (the first glance of the pages), and that, provoked me plenty of doubts about how to advance in my progress.

So the second step I took was starting to read the really famous Mystery Method. It was a book broke down by parts on how to PU women in a comprenhensive and systematic way, and quite easy BTW. But there was a point that wasn't clear at all, specially for me as being a big AFC: how to approach them without being disturbed and inhibited by my mind.

That moment was, when I realiced that my real weak point was the approach (And that wasn't actually true, as I saw in practice). After thinking about the problem and starting to post in several PU-related forums, I discovered, that there was a point in my life that wasn't enough built: My Inner Game. And the way I decided to start reading one of the greatest developers in this topic: David DeAngelo: DYD.

Even of all this reading that I made for about month and a half (I read them pretty slow, trying to learn something about what they tried to tell me), I discovered, that I was actually the same versus women, but with loads of knowledge more. So at that point I was practically 100% Theory and 0 % Practice. And I started my way of sarging: the selected places: Discos at night.

My first kind of approaches were actually during dance sessions, and they were made by me previous Eye Contact with them and moving pretty 'cool' towards the target. After that type of sarging, I demonstrated myself another time, that the way I was "acting" was incredibly AFC, so I decided to stop practice and going back to Theory. At that point I was at 30 % of Practice aproximately.

Next point I wanted to touch in my career, were the main topics of discussion that I was going to go deep in the conversations that I could even start with such a lame way of Approach. That's when I discovered the ManiacHigh Plan. It was a big explanation of how to carry for a long time with no stop, a conversation with a woman sucessfully. And It was the easiest way I found ATM.

Christmas finally arrived, and I moved to the capital of my country (Madrid) for those typical holidays. This is when I found that the best way of meeting girls, was being related through some kind of friend that knew them from before. So I met several cool guys that had nice feminine relationships, and started my sarge from there. But definetly I ended with them all in LJBF closings, same position my friends had with them all at once.

And from then to now, I went back to my reality, and started with more reading and theory to complete my learning: Deep Inner Game of DA, a bit of Speed Seduction motivated by Ross Jeffries, and Swinggcat point of view but very superficially. In this time, my real activity was lurking at various PU-forums to check what other people experiences with PU-based-theory was going on, so mainly I took most of the time at the Internet just checking and spending time. And finally after one week I found deep inner myself that I was evolving in such a perturbed kind of person towards the game: A KJ.

This is why I decided to create this blog and put my ideas in order from the begining and this is how I'm going to start my real way of becoming a great PUA. In the actual moment I have started reading the Art of Approaching of Thundercat, that is really spread in parts (practically more that MM), and made me think in what really were going to be my objectives from now and on for at least this year 2006 of play. I also bought the Style book to also have more material for future readings.

This is game, and I'm a player that want to take part of it. Let's play.