Monday, January 23, 2006

Working a little bit harder and further

Since I'm not achieving any goals I should be aiming for a more deepest view of everything and trying to find a persistance plan to force myself to go and just play. I'm not as motivated as I would like to be, and I cannot yet percieve the emotion of playing hardly and competing for this ultimate goal: ONS-PUA. This sounds quite idealistic, but apart from whatever it can be said, for loads of players is not big effort this achivement, despite for me can be a massive world apart from my reality.

Now I'm focusing in situating myself in a location of space and a instant of time where everything goes at least in order:

How can I push my body, or my mind to do something that is practically reduced to a 1-day every week situation?, where I may be get blocked one HB yes and one not. I need time, time that I have. And also I need a space, a location, somewhere to sarge. I got a blindfold in my eyes because I used to reduce my range of PU standing to disco scenario, although I actually am one of the "luckiest" people in the world having one of the BEST scenarios for PU: The University.

For next season (March and about), this will be for me a 5 day/week constant 1 hour of practice in PU until I had even talked with every single HB that I may found in this year in those sites (and if I end with all I will restart from the beginning if necesary)

But apart from those two, what happens on holidays? Recommended by everyone places are Shopping Centers, but the annyoing thing is that I dont like them much, so maybe I will find an amusement to do there while I sarge only to force my body to go. Going JUST for sarge is not motivating for myself sadly, I don't even have wings to have fun while, so it's quite frustrating trying this situation.

Finally I want to advance that for next days I'm going to structure a day-by-day logging for my blog so I can anticipate in some kind of order, what you can expect that I will be describing and emphasizing daily.

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