Friday, January 20, 2006

Day 1: What's going on with me.

After a not very long go, I have finally decided to control my progress in two pespectives, yours and mine, and the most important, keep cheking and discussing how I'm going on, comparing to the reality out there.

I started in the Pick-Up world about 3 months ago, and surely my mind has grown in terms of seeing actually what is happening outside there. But I never did an effort to know myself what is going on inside me. Sounds really Ego-istic but from this point it is fair for me, to start thinking on me instead of spending my time on what other people may be judging about my figure.

My career on this from the beggining have been focused actually in reading and comprenhension of plenty of bibliography made by various PUAs, actually PUG. All this acronyms can be found in the mASF link that can be found in the top of my blog link list:

My first step was the reading of the famous GunWitch Methods, that eventually provided myself a new view of everything around me. Specially in relation with what it is really of interest in this Blog: Men related to Women. His point of view, was really impressive for me at the first read (the first glance of the pages), and that, provoked me plenty of doubts about how to advance in my progress.

So the second step I took was starting to read the really famous Mystery Method. It was a book broke down by parts on how to PU women in a comprenhensive and systematic way, and quite easy BTW. But there was a point that wasn't clear at all, specially for me as being a big AFC: how to approach them without being disturbed and inhibited by my mind.

That moment was, when I realiced that my real weak point was the approach (And that wasn't actually true, as I saw in practice). After thinking about the problem and starting to post in several PU-related forums, I discovered, that there was a point in my life that wasn't enough built: My Inner Game. And the way I decided to start reading one of the greatest developers in this topic: David DeAngelo: DYD.

Even of all this reading that I made for about month and a half (I read them pretty slow, trying to learn something about what they tried to tell me), I discovered, that I was actually the same versus women, but with loads of knowledge more. So at that point I was practically 100% Theory and 0 % Practice. And I started my way of sarging: the selected places: Discos at night.

My first kind of approaches were actually during dance sessions, and they were made by me previous Eye Contact with them and moving pretty 'cool' towards the target. After that type of sarging, I demonstrated myself another time, that the way I was "acting" was incredibly AFC, so I decided to stop practice and going back to Theory. At that point I was at 30 % of Practice aproximately.

Next point I wanted to touch in my career, were the main topics of discussion that I was going to go deep in the conversations that I could even start with such a lame way of Approach. That's when I discovered the ManiacHigh Plan. It was a big explanation of how to carry for a long time with no stop, a conversation with a woman sucessfully. And It was the easiest way I found ATM.

Christmas finally arrived, and I moved to the capital of my country (Madrid) for those typical holidays. This is when I found that the best way of meeting girls, was being related through some kind of friend that knew them from before. So I met several cool guys that had nice feminine relationships, and started my sarge from there. But definetly I ended with them all in LJBF closings, same position my friends had with them all at once.

And from then to now, I went back to my reality, and started with more reading and theory to complete my learning: Deep Inner Game of DA, a bit of Speed Seduction motivated by Ross Jeffries, and Swinggcat point of view but very superficially. In this time, my real activity was lurking at various PU-forums to check what other people experiences with PU-based-theory was going on, so mainly I took most of the time at the Internet just checking and spending time. And finally after one week I found deep inner myself that I was evolving in such a perturbed kind of person towards the game: A KJ.

This is why I decided to create this blog and put my ideas in order from the begining and this is how I'm going to start my real way of becoming a great PUA. In the actual moment I have started reading the Art of Approaching of Thundercat, that is really spread in parts (practically more that MM), and made me think in what really were going to be my objectives from now and on for at least this year 2006 of play. I also bought the Style book to also have more material for future readings.

This is game, and I'm a player that want to take part of it. Let's play.

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