Friday, January 20, 2006

From the beginning

I have explained in what I have evolved to the moment: a rAFC. But for me is time to take a longer step away from all this. This is how I'm going to structure my daily life to perform all the most important aspects that can be related with the art of PU (and progress of my life):

NOTE: I will look to find them all and stablish with them may fit from now, to at least, two weeks approximately.

- The Inner Game: I discovered that it can be the most important thing in the whole life of a person. Some kind of people that are really confident by themselves, can handle this pretty fast compared to other... it is obvious. But in spite of trying to improve this by myself, I find that I do not progress at all, that's why I think the quickest way of resolving this, is looking for a Psycogist and even further, a PsycoAnalyst. They are made to induce as Speed Seduction techniques, commands in your mind that can be actually the greatest method to find your way through a built-in most performanced Inner Game and self-confidence. So it's time to start looking for this in my city.

- My Physical Body and Appearance: I found myself I'm really a standard AFC-looking boy that wants to improve this aspect also, at least for being more peacock compared to other guys everywhere. I have decided to move my style to something kinda dressed up, including a complete dressing suit, ties when appropiate and all mixed with a proper badboy look regarding to the hair (some punked stylish), and impressive accesories. About the physical: It is time to start some type of Aerobic exercise. I probed with running, and as anaerobic, doing weights in the Gym. But it is extremely boring and I desist normally of doing that after the first month. Now I'm going to try something new: Boxing. I can adjust it to my daily schedule so if it is as amusing as my frinds commented me, it will be a great aerobic exercise I may enjoy and will take advantage of it for my purpose.

- My Social Proof: Normally, we are used to do some kind of activity that can makes us pimp in some enviroments specially if we are dedicated in it with some passion. I used to be inmerse in some kind of geek games, that were not enough extended through women society. Same happens with people that loves sports such as football and practically spend their whole life talking and living around them: girls really hate this type of activities, so you may not found them unless real strange exceptions (you cannot share anything of this with them is the reality). After all, one thing that actually for me it deserves doing it is playing music. Specially Electronic Music. So I'm going to focus instead of playing geek games or other themes, on producing some tracks and performing some social proof through a WebPage I will make and extend myself (And I will make sure that this will fill enough free time there will be left during the rest of the day and I have to spend at home for various reasons).

- The Future: Obviously, I'm not going to be a man that only spends his life doing hobbies or just going to sarge all the time. So I'm currently studying an Engineer career. I feel it is for the moment enough to fulfill my future qualification.

Thats all about my plans for future.I assume, it maybe the most improved things I can do by myself (No more time for more, considering that I also have to spend at least 10 hours a week in going sarge anywhere). If you feel that something is not necesary or anything of this can be better focused, feel free to comment it.

So the next stage I should go through: Structuring myself way of successfull sarging (Everyone have a personal style depending to their own way of thinking).

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