Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Way from AFC 2 PUA: Part Zero

Finally I have decided to reset my ideas, specially with PU related topics, and start from the beginning. As I said in the last entries I'm actually focusing in a new point of view, given by ThunderCat with his book: The Art of Approaching.

As I mentioned before, there were several methods made by various reknown PUA such as Mystery, Tyler Durden, even BadBoy and Shark with their Direct Game, but none of them, gave to myself, the things clearer than ThunderCat did (and this doesnt means that for other people, TC can do the same effect, because I expect, that each method adapts to us differently depending exclusively to our personalitiy).

Starting from some basics that I have already explained, the main idea for me actually to go through the new obstacles that I may encounter in this PU-world, is constructing in my mind a new base with solid ideas about what to do in each phase of my own "workshop".

As the title of TC says: The Art of Approaching, I think is the first part I should masterize on: Approaching excepcionally good and be friendly with all kind of situations that it can appear during this process. The first thing through the read and comprenhension of the book that sound familiar to my self was this:

Why I felt any kind of difficulty in the approach of an HB and in all kind of situations? My answer before was: Fear of rejection or Fear of finding an embarrasing situation that I could not handle. But actually deep in my mind that was not truth:

The first reality was that I didn't want to change that feeling of comfort I was feeling with my friends talking on how much we could be doing and not doing it, and other topics (The typical AFC situation forever). I could just imagine in myself, how much thinking I had to do, to progress in any conversation and what kind of incredible effort must be done to be over other AFC that could approach that girl in a night. Why I should be doing all that when I was feeling completely happy with my friends? After, because the feeling after of Frustration for not approaching that girl I wanted, could be a big kick in my mind. BUT NOW what reminds me?: It reminds that I'm NOT PLAYING the best I could, and I will lose the game afterwards.

And after all I had to realice which was the second reality I had to manage before a completly sucessful approach before all: I was not scared of rejection: I was scared of LOSS. If we have 10 girls that we could approach in our lifetime, what we will prefer? Approaching them uncounciously and failing in all 10, so being alone forever? Or designing any kind of tactic to be a master and approaching 1, 2 or 3 and having success without any big risk? Probably the second. But the thing is that the HB-visual range of myself what reduced to that: 10 HB = One-itis. But thinking widely enough, we could clearly see that there were the same HB as men in the world aproximately 1:1 so I had to imagine which quantity of girls can be also possible targets in a future ( thousands?, or even more?). That's why I could have hundreds, even thousands of opportunities to test myself and see if im working this out correctly. Any rejection is not a LOSS is a new STEP to a victory. And while 2 man (one AFC that never approach, and one rAFC that at least tryies it), the second is increasing their range SO FAST that probably (not certainly) will find what he is looking faster. So basically here is the motto from ThunderCat: The fewer women you have in your life, the stronger the feeling of one-itis becomes.

Now with all this ideas in order is time for action: The Art of Approach, lets be an Approach Artist then. How have I found to be this? Starting with the ThunderCat bootcamp: And definetly TODAY is the day (Saturday Night)

First part: Approach 3 HB with one opener. After that just eject with respect something like "Nice to talk with you". All this in the street: outside any disco or pub.
Second part: Approach 3 HB the same way before, but this time inside the disco. Same opener and same eject.

And that's all for Part 1. Tomorrow I will write my experience. After this, I will start explaining which are my Objectives with all this PU-experience, where I will approach, which kind of Openers I will be mostly applying and also which kind of philosophy I will be applying from the start of the PU to the end.

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