Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just started The Game

Finally, after a long 2 months period standing in my bookshelve arrongantly, "The Game", has jumped and droped into my hands. Written by Neil Strauss, its one bestseller in EEUU that talks about everything related with I'm actually writing here and it's title sais: The Game.

Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists is the subtitle of the book, and principally is the frame that it talks about, how did he go into in that society from the beggining to the end as he is nowadays, reknowned "Style". It's more than a didactic PU-learning book, an Inner game improver as it actually demonstrates you can improve yorself if you make the methods correctly (But for begginers it may sound wonders because most of the concepts are clearly explained step by step).

His technique is mainly focused in the Mystery Method, with some tints of Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction way of PU. But when you have read all those bibliography I put in the link section, this is novel is not good enough to show anything new (But is so clear and simple everything in there that if you struggle it to the maximum you can find some pieces that are quite difficult to be found outside).

One of the things that most shocked me, in the beginning (I have not read it all just in one day, I may be finishing for next week probably), is this sentence in 'The Approach' chapter:

"Never", Sin admonished me in his adenoial voice "approach a woman from behind. Always come in form the front, but at a slight angle so it's not too direct and comfontational. You should speak to hear over your shoulder, so it looks like you might walk away at any minute. Ever see Robert Redford in "The Horse Whisperer"? It's kind of like that

I will continue the lecture, now that I'm extremely focusing in the Art of Approach as I experience before, because it makes me incredibly hard reaching the Seduction Zone or even sometimes the Comfort (Following the M3 as reference).

Just Remember FMAC

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