Sunday, January 22, 2006

Part 1: Night-time Failure

After it, and after all my experiences I though It was going to be a pancake accomplishing this mission. But I did not realize who many inconveniences I should encounter in my way through the night (obviously all this were internal EXCUSES, so for me and for you, they are irrelevant). The worst thing is that in the exact moment I went down of my car, I felt all my High-Energy state, fall down as a river does in a waterfall.

I was in that moment feeling like an incredible AFC than could not even manage standing myself correctly (All because a sort of "inconveniences" as i said before...), the worst BL I've ever had probably...

Anyway I won't retreat in doing Day1 of TC Bootcamp successfully in another moment, maybe or probably tomorrow, and continue working correctly my way to the TOP. Let's try it easily, instead of night-time, in a day-time. After all I'm not going to be as Frustrated as the average, for such a bunch of unpredictable feelings.

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