Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Advancing in Materia

Up to date, I'm fully trying to rush at least my base objetives for maximum 2 weeks starting from today (Not later than 7th of February as max date).

About the Inner Game: I have more or less viewed how it may continue along. Found a psicologist that also can make psicolanalyst therapy and surely I will advance incredibly quick instead on staying on my internal thoughts.

The Physical: also planned to go through as I said in a Boxing trainment program exclusive Cardiovascular, so mainly I will be performing by body and maybe as we can see in Gunwitch readings, we can overdose our testosterone levels to improve our sexual desire (that will be provoke an improvement of our Body Language as well). It will start from 6th of February.

I'm also planing to buy a new Audio Card and a Midi keyboard Controller just to spend a little bit more time a week with something to do with my Social Proof performance. Just before the day stablished I will be buying them so in that week I can re-start with all about it.

I expect everything comes the right way and I can find myself more confindent with such an ideal daily schedule to advance in The Game.

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